When it comes to stamped concrete, the texture produces the unique look of concrete. This means that it is ideal to consider it whenever you are planning to install one.  

Stamped concrete has a lot of textures, from fancy finishes such as stone and wood to rustic and classic textures. So, how will you choose the right texture for your stamped concrete? Well, it all depends on your preferences.  

Fortunately for you, we are here to help. If you’re planning to hire a Louisville concrete contractor to install stamped concrete, here are several tips you should follow when choosing the right texture: 

Flowing and Loose or Repeating and Rigid 

Aside from color, the forms of lines in your stamped concrete also provide a visual effect to its appearance. Repetitive lines produce a sense of the surroundings being clean-cut and a feeling of order. On the other hand, looser lines invite lively options for the design.  

If you mix too much of these lines with your exterior plans, it will lead to chaos and disorder. However, you shouldn’t stick too hard to a single type as well since it will only lead to a lifeless appearance.  

A professional concrete contractor can help you determine how to balance things out.  

Think About Colors 

Color and designs work together to achieve the result that you desire. A couple of finishes are interlaced with dark and light hues. On the other hand, some are more monochromatic.  

In general, you need to incorporate more colors if you want to achieve a complex texture. With this, you can easily capture the attention of your guests. Think about adding more complex designs for a highlight. When it comes to undertones, you should consider unified designs.  

Consider the Visual Aspect 

Though you want your concrete to be appealing to the eyes of your guests, you can easily ruin the style of your house with it. This is particularly true if it is competing with other elements of your exterior design.  

The key is to pick concrete that matches the rest of your exterior. You should always consider coexistence since it is crucial, whether it is a smaller accent or a centerpiece of your yard.  

Make Sure You Consider the Grip 

Are you planning to install a concrete patio that you will not use during winter? Do you want to install a concrete driveway that requires excellent grip when it rains? How much traction your stamped concrete requires will lead you directly to possible designs.  

For instance, you may choose a rough finish with a lot of traction-improving grit added for pool concrete. The reason for this is that this area is prone to slips. On the other hand, you probably don’t need a lot of traction in a driveway border that you do not use during the rainy season.  

Choosing the right texture for your stamped concrete can be hard. That is why you should always hire a professional concrete contractor for help. They can help you pick the right texture based on your needs and preferences.  

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