In this article, you’ll be discovering how is auto glass manufactured, their benefits and importance as well. Keep on reading to know more about this.  

Auto glass manufacturing process 

Windshields are made in a float glass manufacturing plant, where it mainly uses ingredients like silica sand and limestone mixed on a bed of molten tin to make glass ribbons. In layman’s terms, such ribbons are recognized as float glass and are eventually utilized to manufacture laminated glass.  

Auto glass benefits 

Laminated auto glass is made of 2 different glass layers held together using a plastic interlayer. The multiple layers can make any laminated glass to be stronger than the typical glass.  

This type of auto glass does not easily break, and when it does, it just breaks in tiny pieces rather than large shards. This keeps the drivers from being injured with glass shards in case accidents happen.  

Moreover, auto glass is one of the crucial parts of the overall structure of the vehicle. Windshields account for 45 percent of the integrity of the vehicles. Plus, it helps in protecting the car roof if ever your vehicle rolls over after accidents.  

Because of that, it’s very important to see to it that the auto glass is always in great condition. Otherwise, chips and cracks can damage the windshield, and you’ll be prone to injuries.  

The laminated glass’ strength also enables passenger airbags to be properly deployed. Once accidents happen, the airbag will be deployed at an incredible force and a high speed. It will bounce off the auto glass, which is meant to absorb the force without breaking. When the auto glass is damaged in the first place, the airbag would never be deployed properly and would boost your possibility of being injured and impacted by the accident. 

Tempered glass 

The major difference between the rear windscreen, side mirrors, and windshield is that the former two are made out of tempered glass while the latter is made out of laminated glass.   

Tempered glass is made out of heated glass that’s rapidly cooled after, making tempered glass more durable compared to ordinary glass. Though it’s nearly as strong as laminated glass, tempered glass just breaks differently.  

Once tempered glass gets broken, it will shatter into small, tiny pieces of pebbles rather than large glass shards. This kind of glass can be broken down easily if struck with a strong sharp object. Meaning, you can safely get out of your car if ever you get trapped in an accident.  

More perks of windshields 

As you drive, you have to see to it that you have undivided attention. Sure, that’s not possible all the time, especially when your auto glass isn’t in great condition. Because of that, you have to make sure that the windshield is in optimal condition. Apart from that, side mirrors let you pay attention to the cars right behind you. It’s particularly helpful when you’re stuck in traffic.  

For more information about auto glass repair Florida and various types of windshields, contact your trusted automobile specialists now. 

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